Revolutionary Technology

Treating periodontitis with non-invasive method from the comfort of your home. No surgery or bone addition.
Use Electronic Stem Generator for 50 days and feel the difference!

Now, you can finally prevent or treat dental mobility and periodontitis from the comfort of your home, without surgical intervention and bone graft. Based on cellular regeneration under the action of pure electromagnetic field, the therapy with Electronic Stem Generator is 100% safe and non-invasive.
Guaranteed Result!

Benefits of cell regeneration therapy

100% Safe

The therapy is 100% non-invasive and it does not involve surgical interventions.

Keep your teeth!

It ensures the maintenance of natural teeth for a long time.

No more surgery!

Reduces the risk of teeth extraction.


It prevents the occurrence of periodontal disease.


Easy to use

Use at home

No need to go at clinic. The device is easy to use at home and remains at the patient's disposal.


It is low weight and is portable, which allows the patient to move freely on its home activities.

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