Dental plaque stilll can not be cleaned efficient today and continously generates inflammation around dental implant and dental crowns


Dental plaque is cause for decays. But once appeared decays can not be cured only by dental plaque removal. Same happens with periodontal disease- once installed they can not be treated only by scaling and hygiene improvment. If for decays dentist might prepare the decay, for periodontitis and periimplantitis the dentist may not arrive deep and heal efficiently. Medical device able to arrive in depth of bone has been invented specially for deep bone regeneration.

“The treatments in the dental offices are based on the action of cleaning the teeth and implants and eliminating the microbes. The result of this cleaning is good, but not enough. Basically, the aggravation of the disease is stopped but the triggering of the cellular mechanisms of bone regeneration cannot be induced.

  For patients who already have periodontitis or periimplantitis, conventional dental treatments are insufficient. That’s why we created ESG, a device that can be used at home and can stop deep bone degeneration. The use of ESG leads to cellular stabilization in the bone, eliminates the risk of gingival retraction and provides a solid foundation for implants.”  – Bogdan Vladila, inventor of ESG


I am Bogdan Vladila, a dentist with over 20 years of experience in the field. I have dedicated a good part of my career to researching the problems caused by peri-implantitis, periodontitis and periodontal disease, which led to the development of this device: Electronic Stem Generator.

ESG succeeds to improve bone structure, prevent tooth mobility, and heal gingival retraction, bone resorption, and other problems that normally refer you to a periodontist.

I invite you to discover everything about this device!

Good to Know

  • You do not have to come to the dental office from the beginning, but you can come after the 2 months of using the ESG device. Then it will be made the treatment plan for MAINTAINING the number of teeth;
  • Unlike Laser scaling, ESG is long-acting and stops bone resorption;
  • ESG is recommended before any complex dental work.
  • Unlike 99% of dental treatments, ESG protects natural teeth and their bone foundation

The device is

Easy To Use At Home

You don't have to come to the clinic! All you have to do is send us an x-ray to make a treatment plan. Later, you can rent it for two months, directly at your home

It Treats

Periodontal Disease Successfully

It strengthens the tooth-supporting bone, securing natural teeth and providing a strong base for dental implants. It is the solution you must use before any dental implant and any ceramic work.

It Starts

In-Depth Healing

It is the first device that promotes healing in the depth of the bone, so that the results are visible and lasting.

It Treated Over

1000 Satisfied Patients

More than 1000 people have succeeded to keep their teeth and get rid of periodontitis, peri-implantitis, and periodontal disease.

In fact, the dentist can only act superficially on the gums and can only prevent or at most delay the aggravation of periodontitis. This is due to the fact that periodontopathy is already installed deep in the bone and not just in the superficial gum, and the structure that can effectively oppose the mobilization of the tooth by the masticatory force of hundreds of kilograms is the bone and in no case the gum. In conclusion, once periodontitis is installed inside the bone, it no longer stops by simple descaling and laser exposures, and special treatments for bone depth, such as ESG, must be used, and only then can the dentist handle classic clinical procedures such as implants. or making ceramic crowns.

Electronic Stem Generator is a treatment for periodontitis and peri-implantitis that works on the magnetic field. By using the device, the latent stem cells are stimulated and the speed of bone resorption is reduced. In approximately 100 hours of use, ESG provides two significant results:

  • Reduces the action of osteoclasts (cells that destroy bone tissue)
  • The number of osteoblasts increases (the cells through which bone tissue regenerates)

Because it ensures a strong bone base and prevents the implant mobility. ESG is recommended to be used both before implants and during their use.

If you have been diagnosed with periodontitis, the ESG treatment is the one that can wake up the progenitor cells (Stem) and promote the regeneration of the bone structure.

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In order to avoid needing dental implants and keep the natural teeth for as long as possible, it is recommended to begin using ESG at 30 years old. It is the age at which the number of the progenitor cells in the bone decreases, and bone degradation can accelerate.

In approximately 100 hours of using ESG, it manages to provide visible results against periodontitis, peri-implantitis, and other problems caused by weakened bone structure. Basically, this device succeeds to strengthen the denture base without being invasive, without pain, and in the comfort of your own home.

Yes! ESG improves bone immunity and, together with a correct root filling, it can limit the occurrence of dental granulomas. This way, one can avoid needing an apical resection or the extraction of the natural tooth.

ESG should be used before starting any dental treatment, as it prevents gum retraction and bone resorption. It is also recommended in the treatment of periodontitis, peri-implantitis, and periodontal disease, as well as for prevention. Annual use can help avoid major dental problems.

The cost of renting the device is 360 euro at first plus monthly subscription 30 euro. This cost covers:

  • The treatment plan for maintaining the number of teeth;
  • The rent for two months;
  • 100 hours of treatment.

Oral microbes are the ones that generate deep bone reactions and bone resorption characteristic of periodontopathy. Once these phenomena are triggered in the depth of the bone, the simple superficial removal by descaling and laser of the oral microbes cannot have the effect of stopping the installed resorbive phenomena that will continue their destructive activity even if the oral hygiene is restored. Therefore, once the bone immune changes are installed, the ESG treatment is recommended as soon as possible, which is the only one able to act deeply, in order to restore the bone immune balance and slow down the resorption.

the microbes accumulated around the retentivities that always exist around implants determine in the depth of the bone immune changes and periimplantitis appears. Once the bone immune changes are installed, laser treatments or various antiseptics are no longer enough to stop the destructive changes that continue in depth. That is why it is recommended to use the Electronic Stem Generator treatment capable of acting for a long time in the depth of the bone to limit the advancement of bone resorption.

Due to the presence of microbes in the mouth, bone resorption occurs. The tooth is, in fact, a lever on which a constant masticatory force acts, and its preservation depends only on the quality of the bone in which it is found. Most dentists do not monitor this bone resorption and in case of deterioration of the bone immune response characteristic of periodontitis the tooth begins to move. Because the immune reaction triggered in the depth of the bone can no longer be stopped only by superficial sanitization with laser and antiseptics, it is recommended to use at home the patient's treatment to restore bone immunity Electronic Stem Generatormmodi numquam, error, est. Ea, consequatur.

in order to be able to move the teeth to the ideal position from an orthodontic point of view, the bone must be resorbed and allow movement to that position. Often the bone does not recover behind the direction of travel, in the area where the tooth came from and thus occurs gingival retraction and tooth mobility. Therefore, we recommend the use of ESG especially in adult patients who use orthodontic treatment, both during and after the orthodontic treatment.

Because the dental implant is expensive;
Because the dental implant is difficult to maintain over time;
Because the hygiene of a mouth with a dental implant is very difficult to maintain, which leads to shortness of breath (unpleasant odor)
Because natural teeth are the only healthy option for your oral cavity.

The bone graft is performed surgically, by adding a bone fragment. It has only volumetric results, failing to improve bone immunity and the ratio between regenerative and resorbive cells. Basically, the bone graft cannot stop the resorbing action. Before performing a bone graft, it is recommended to use ESG, in order to guarantee a good result.

Because once the osteoclasts that lead to bone retraction have been activated, they advance without being stopped by hygiene. Retraction is enhanced by the masticatory force acting on the teeth.

Due to the coils and the connection between the intraosseous part and the prosthetic components of the dental implants, the food always remains retained around the implants, in a much larger amount than around a natural tooth that is flat, has no turns and no connections. Because of this, there are always small infected spots around implants, no matter how good the patient's hygiene is. Depending on the patient's bone reactivity, some frequently show abscesses around the implants and others do not appear abscesses, but it is important to emphasize that all remain after sanitization retained food and therefore infection is formed in the spaces due to implant connections. Electronic Stem Generator is the only device that improves bone reactivity by improving the activity of osteoblasts. Thus, the risk of infection around the implant and the advancement of bone destruction leading to implant rejection will be significantly reduced by as much as possible using the Electronic Stem Generator. To simplify, the patient must understand that if he has accepted tooth extraction he will have permanent infections in the superficial area of ​​the implant and all he can do is improve the cellular reactivity of the deep, sterile area of ​​the bone in which the dental implant was inserted.


Although all dentists do impeccable dental implants and ceramic work, they all fail over time for the same reason - lowering the level of the jaw bone. Thus, the lifespan of any implant or ceramic crown depends only on the reactivity of the bone in which both the roots of the teeth and the dental implants are implanted. Due to the signals generated by the microbes accumulated in the retentivities in the mouth, bone resorption begins to activate and as a result the network of bone trabeculae weakens. As the masticatory force remains constant and the network of bone trabeculae gradually decreases in strength, there is a decrease in the level of the maxillary bone. As soon as we observe on the radiograph the reduction of bone trabeculation, we will have to start the ESG treatment, the only one able to deeply stimulate the osteoblasts and thus to increase the bone trabeculation again and implicitly to restore the bone resistance during mastication. If there is no emergency intervention to restore bone trabeculation, the bone level drops a lot and under the physical action of the lever represented by the tooth or implant, the masticatory force will generate the mobility of the tooth. The annual administration of ESG allows the maintenance of both teeth and dental implants, even if the attack represented by food retention under the dental works and in the retentivities of the implants can never be eliminated effectively.


Following the insertion of dental implants, especially in the area next to the prosthetic work, a very thin layer of bone remains. If in this thin bone the metabolism of osteoblasts is not periodically improved, the thin area of bone will be melted by the acid attack of the food left in the retentivities of the prosthetic parts. If ESG is used annually, the metabolism of osteoblasts is maintained at a high level and bone destruction will not occur under the action of food acidity. Because there is no way to clean food from implant retentivities, and laser and mouthwash give short-term effect, it turns out that the most effective method of maintaining implants in the always infected oral environment is to stimulate the activity of osteoblasts with ESG annually.

In the oral cavity, no matter how well we perform hygiene, we must be aware that microbes always remain in the form of dental plaque and will generate continuous inflammation. The integration of dental implants and bone and gingival grafts depends primarily on the reduction of inflammation from both oral microbes and surgical trauma. The use of ESG both immediately before and in the days following surgery is an effective and easy to use , in order to induce the modulation of inflammatory factors and ultimately a reduction in the risk of rejection of bone graft, periodontal or dental implant.

Here are some interesting information:

Electromagnetic stimulation of bone repair: A histomorphometric study - Canè - 1991 - Journal of Orthopaedic Research - Wiley Online Library

The electrical stimulation of tibial osteotomies. Double-blind study - PubMed

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Nowadays all clinics recommend tooth extraction to make room for implants. We do our best to save your teeth and treat the bone before implant insertion to prevent periimplantitis that occurs in most implants and does not benefit from any treatment.

Half of the inserted implants cause an infection called periimplantitis and there is no cure for it today. That is why we must postpone the insertion of the implants as much as possible and when this becomes imminent we must make sure that the maxillary bone is treated with ESG. This way we could prevent periimplant infections characterized by strong smell and abscesses that cause implant loss.

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