5 April 2021
What is the difference between laser and ESG?
99% of the periodontitis treatments suggested by dentists involve using laser. The dental laser is present in every dental office and is easy to use. Unfortunately, it is not very effective. Why is laser not […]
5 April 2021
Dental mobility. How dangerous is it and how can it be cured?
Dental mobility is the abnormal movement of teeth, both vertically and horizontally. Unfortunately, the occurrence of mobile teeth in adults means only one thing: periodontitis. What is periodontitis? Also called periodontal disease, it is a condition […]
5 April 2021
dentist, dental care, dentistry
Did you know that you can lose your teeth even though you have a perfect oral hygiene? Gingival retraction, one of the biggest challenges for dentists
For patients who do not maintain proper oral hygiene, the movement of teeth is not a surprise. Unfortunately, dental mobility affects not only them, but also people who have brushed their teeth 2-3 times a […]
3 April 2021
What to do if I have periodontitis?
The diagnosis of periodontitis, periodontal disease, gingivitis, or peri-implantitis can be extremely unpleasant. Most often, such a diagnosis means the irreversible degradation of the bone that supports the teeth, and very expensive costs for dental […]
5 April 2021
Did you know that a simple online consultation can help you not to lose your teeth?
Most often, people go to the dentist when it is too late: Either they have already lost their natural teeth; Either they are about to lose them, due to periodontitis and other dental problems. Certainly, […]
5 April 2021
What impact does ESG have on smokers?
If you are a smoker, you know that any surgical dental intervention requires a lot of restrictions. Fortunately, the new ESG medical device is suitable for smoking patients, without any conditions. Why use Electronic Stem […]
5 April 2021
Cleaning teeth and dental works in patients with periodontitis and active bone resorption
One of the biggest enemies of a perfect smile and a 100% functional oral cavity is bone retraction. As bone density starts to decrease, the risk of losing the natural teeth or dental works increases […]
5 April 2021
Age and ESG
The dentistry of recent years has evolved tremendously. Even after a serious dental disease, such as periodontitis, you can enjoy a perfect smile with the help of dental implants. Unfortunately, dental implants are a medium […]
5 April 2021
Peri-implantitis and ESG
Peri-implantitis is a condition similar to periodontitis which causes the supporting tissue of the implant (bone and gums) to retract around the dental implant. Sadly, when the gums and bone recede, they leave a large […]

Nowadays all clinics recommend tooth extraction to make room for implants. We do our best to save your teeth and treat the bone before implant insertion to prevent periimplantitis that occurs in most implants and does not benefit from any treatment.

Half of the inserted implants cause an infection called periimplantitis and there is no cure for it today. That is why we must postpone the insertion of the implants as much as possible and when this becomes imminent we must make sure that the maxillary bone is treated with ESG. This way we could prevent periimplant infections characterized by strong smell and abscesses that cause implant loss.

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