About Us

We are an international investment group set up with the aim of bringing people from all over the world the most advanced technologies capable of improving their dental health and reducing their still exaggerated expenses, necessary to pay from modest salaries, in countries that do not yet benefit from systems. national dental insurance. We subsidize by investing the price requested by doctors in our clinics, so that the latest treatments are accessible to any patient. For this purpose we invest in preventive technologies and we want to open clinics in all corners of the world, for this purpose we expect you to contact us for collaboration.

Nowadays all clinics recommend tooth extraction to make room for implants. We do our best to save your teeth and treat the bone before implant insertion to prevent periimplantitis that occurs in most implants and does not benefit from any treatment.

Half of the inserted implants cause an infection called periimplantitis and there is no cure for it today. That is why we must postpone the insertion of the implants as much as possible and when this becomes imminent we must make sure that the maxillary bone is treated with ESG. This way we could prevent periimplant infections characterized by strong smell and abscesses that cause implant loss.

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